Introvert's Itinerary

Our Interrail Journey

Road Trip Bops

With over 36 hours of music lined up on a Spotify playlist, consisting of a strange collection of rock and roll, 80’s pop and to the chagrin of Holly, the occasional Eurovision bop, the long awaited road trip was finally here!

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Mountain Mishaps

Our day in Oslo started off with Holly getting burnt before we had even left the apartment, having fallen victim to the heated floors in the bathroom. Why the apartment had heated floors on full blast in 30 degree heat, remains a mystery. On the bright side I suppose, we did have the equivalent of an authentic sauna in our bathroom, albeit one we could not escape.

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The Ferries

This day started slightly differently to our previous mornings as Connect hotel offered a free breakfast, so, instead of breakfast bars and tap water, we were able to treat ourselves to glasses of orange juice and coffee with a strange platter of cheese and cucumber. We then once again took the commuter train for 10 minutes into the centre of the city, and began walking towards Målarstrand. Here we walked along the waterfront, and after eating our fill of pizza, we played a fun game of bride spotting. We counted at least five brides and wedding parties milling around and managed to dodge their photographers attempting to immortalise us in wedding albums. After our successful evasion of the photographers, we ended up in the centre of old Stockholm, which was not at all what we had expected. The warm orange and reds of the buildings, and the mysterious Sitar music made us feel like we were in a different part of the world entirely, more akin to the equator rather than Scandinavia. We soon discovered the source of the music, finding a dancing group of musicians making their way through the crowds, and pulling people in to dance - we very quickly ran away as no one wants to see us attempt to dance. After getting lost and passing the same café one too many times, we gave in and decided to forgo the map, simply strolling around the cobbled streets, until the royal palace loomed into view.

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Two days in Copenhagen

City Hub was a type of accommodation that neither of us had experienced before, but after spending our three nights in Copenhagen there we now see the appeal. There were rows and rows of double decker pods forming a maze, a couple of very clean bathrooms with amenities provided, and a chill Starbucks style playlist playing at all times. The pods themselves also had the option of music, as well as different coloured themes of lighting which you can alter depending on your mood and are perfect for a relaxing and un-eventful night of sleep. I absolutely cannot imagine what else those features would be intended for. Although come to think of it, there were quite a lot of cheerful couples around. Unfortunately, the beds were so comfy that it was no surprise we slept in and ended up having a late start to Copenhagen - such a deep sleep that Holly apparently managed to conquer most of the very large bed and was unable to be shifted, despite the many attempts made by Tamsyn.

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An Introvert's Cornwall: 5 Top Spots

On the southwestern point of the UK lies the stunning county of Cornwall. With it's own language, food, and collection of folklore, Cornwall is the hidden gem of the UK, set in a rugged landscape of wild moors, beaches and castles. About a 5 hour train journey from London Paddington, it makes for the perfect summer getaway or multi day excursion to your trip to the UK. Whether you're a history buff and want to explore the numerous ancient monuments scattered through the moors, or an avid book reader who grew up on the books of Enid Blyton, Cornwall has it all.

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